SPECIAL REPORT: Wellbeing Barometer Survey for Primary

Irrespective of whether your community experienced many lockdowns or not, the pandemic has touched us all and impacted families everywhere in some way. As we now adjust and return to normal routines, it is difficult to dispute that our experience of the pandemic has been difficult - for some more than others.

During this period, SchoolTV provided families and schools with much needed guidance and information to help support students. However, the long-term social and psychological impacts still remain uncertain. Youth mental health concerns continue to rise, and it is evident that many primary-aged children may still need some extra support.

To assist your school, we are seeking participation in a short anonymous and aggregated survey. It is intended to act as a barometer on the wellbeing of children within your community. Students faced many adversities during the pandemic and were challenged on many levels. Some parents report that their child’s mental health has changed or worsened as a result. However, ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of our children is important for many reasons, one of which is the direct impact it has on educational outcomes.

We encourage all parents and carers to complete the survey. The information gathered will help your school gauge the state of student wellbeing and enable them to discover where further assistance may be required by focussing on key issues highlighted in the data.



Poll Questions

Responses to all poll questions remain anonymous and are only reported on an aggregated basis. Please base your responses on observations made since the start of the pandemic to present day. These poll questions are applicable only to primary school students.

1. Has your son's/daughter's motivation to study changed?
2. Has your son/daughter required additional tutoring to assist with their studies?
3. Has your son/daughter shown signs of overwhelm or stress about the future of the world?
4. Has the amount of exercise your son/daughter engages in now changed?
5. Has the amount of time your son/daughter now spends on social media changed?
6. Has your son/daughter been subjected to incidents of cyberbullying?
7. Have you noticed a change in your son's/daughter's online gaming use?
8. Is there a marked shift or noticeable change to his/her sleep wake cycle?
9. Has the amount of junk food your son/daughter eats now changed?
10. Have your son's/daughter's vaping habits changed throughout this time?
11. Have you noticed the amount of time your son/daughter spends alone in their room has changed?
12. Has your son/daughter required help from a mental health professional?
13. Do you think there should be routine psychological screening of all students?
14. Did you see a change in your child’s greatest strengths post pandemic?
15. Are you more worried about your child's future post pandemic?
16. Do you spend more time with your child in a week than before the pandemic?
17. Are you more tuned in to your child's academic progress post pandemic?
18. Are you more tuned in to your child's extracurricular achievements post pandemic?